Some Music Videos Last Week: Session 2

Will try to make this weekly, if not, somewhat more on a frequent basis. * Used to do it then, but it pretty much reached the point of insanity, spending the weekend hours away looking around for news, links and blogs on music videos, and finding the week’s releases. * Yes, that was how I used to spend my time then, after five days of staring into screens on normal office working hours – I was certified technology geekish.

So now I will just do as I do, if I stumble upon any of interest, I will just share and mention about them, about here.

Two dark theme ones begin, with the winner going to JMSN (definitely not the best name to come up with for a band, imagine/visualize the amount of Google search finds that this will be linked to MSN). * Austra, coming to Singapore in February for the 2011 Laneway Festival, plays about with witchcraft, while “Something” plays along with something similar with the video for the following band named Caged Animals… (the screenshot is a dead giveaway) (NSFW x 2)

Free boobies!

The ladies, with a couple particular Asian ones, all seem so happy and merry and bouncy (pun totally intended) to be swimming and running in the wild with not any piece of clothing on. One of them seems to have quite a big pair of titties. Men, please zip up the pants. I am not a pornographic writer, this is not a jizz site.


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