A Struggle For A Year End’s List: My 2011′s Most Played (Lazy Man’s Method) (Part 7)

If memory is failing:
Part 1: here
Part 2: there
Part 3: where
Part 4: ooh
Part 5: what
Part 6: yes


“Big Wave”
Jenny & Johnny

Very summer-y, the typical sounds of endless sunshine, freedom and fun. Not forgetting, the American manner of thinking and spending the cash that they haven’t made. No stranger to music, Jenny is the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, and Johnny is Johnathan Rice, her boyfriend in crime and a musician in his own credit as well. With both accomplished careers in music, this sidekick duo hits off in the right path, heading to an indie/alternative sound that they know to suit themselves well in and within.

The lyrics, however, seem to have a darker twist to it (the more the reason to like it further):

I can’t sleep these days
And my blues, they won’t go away
So there are these little pills I been takin’
And my doctor, she says that they’re safe
But I been sleepwalking down to the lake
And wakin’ up in the water


“Need You Now”
Cut Copy

One can’t go wrong with Australia electronic act, Cut Copy. Though I didn’t instantly like this first single from their third studio release (non-EPs), “Zonoscope”, it is definitely a grower, and it is party time once again (in my head, and in my bedroom)! And I can literally hear the desperation in frontman Dan Whitford’s voice as he pleads:

I know we’re goin’ crazy
But I need you now
I know we’re goin’ crazy
But I need you now

Come to me, baby.


“It’s Not My Party”
Diamond Rings

The gay boys are quite semi-dominating this year’s list, with Patrick Wolf owning 2 spots and now another vulnerable sounding being taking up another. Though young looking, Diamond Rings (real name John O’Regan) sings with a depth of maturity and experience as though, cliche sounding, he had been there, done that, and am through with it. His voice reminds me of someone – a male singer of the 1980s times, something that of George Michael and Elton John combined, or the likes of.

See him get faggotly punched and bullied in the official video:


“Quiet Times”

Love-life-sick me woke up, but still melting of a heartache:

Now I miss you
Now I want you
But I can’t have you
Even when you’re here

Still one of the best contemporary singers around that we (yes, everyone is as guilty as charged here) may have forgotten in our day-to-day music. “White Flag”, anyone; and there’s a reason why Eminem featured her in one of his megahit, “Stan”, back in 2000.


“The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever)”

a) why are you so romantically sounding, Conor O’Brien?
b) why did I miss the band when they were in town for a one-night only concert?
c) can I smooth dance and groove with you to this song, Conor? Please? While you try to perform on your acoustic guitar? Even though it may be a little out of the way?


“Light Of Love”
Music Go Music

There’s a very theatrical, artsy feel to the music video of this song, which fits perfectly and compliments the song in every of its way. And my exact sentiments to the lyrics in exact, of being in a difficult and possibly dark stage in one’s life that everyone should witness there and then (only motherfucking liars will lie about this part and parcel of life), and having someone nice and decent enough to pull oneself out of it.

There was a time, my love
my heart had grown cold
My arms were reaching out for someone to hold

I was all mired in gloom and I was alone
you took a hold of me
and made me your own

You pulled me up where I belong
though first it seemed so wrong
To be scaling love’s great heights
Basking freely in its light

I’d forgotten the things I knew, inside to be true,
Trials were everywhere and pleasures were few
I drifted alone, in the ocean of life,
but then you pulled me, dear, from the waters of strife

… and the bridge:

There was dearth in me, there was a lack,
I could not see my heart
and feared it was black

… and the video:


“Moth’s Wings”
Passion Pit

If it has not been known, I’m quite a lyrical person – music, melody and lyrics move me. Even though most of the times I usually get the lyrics jumbled up and wrong, it is still quite there, and I usually think that I get the lyrics and thus the meaning of the song, until proven mistakenly wrong. The entire song’s is quoteworthy, but here’s the opener:

Dear friend, as you know
Your flowers are withering
Your mother’s gone insane
Your leaves have drifted away
But the clouds are clearing up
And I’ve come reveling
Burning incandescently
Like a bastard on the burning sea


“If I Had A Boat”
James Vincent McMorrow

Another hopeless romantic, like #40’s Villagers, and I should be out mingling with the family and gambling and eating my late brunch as it is Chinese New Year day #2, and music as lovely as it is, sometimes doesn’t equate to humanly interactions and family times, so fuck you, readers and this blog!

(Sorry for the above language and usage of vulgarities, but this is still a romantic number.)


(to be continued… with the last stretch)

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