Some Music Videos Last 2 Weeks: Session 3

It was the Chinese New Year weekend last week, extending itself lazily into the start of this week as well, doing a little spillover effect. I practically spent most of the time in front of this laptop, downloading music away. Of course there were the one minor visiting, the whole family gathering over reunion dinner, the second day’s bruncher (technically speaking, breakfast + lunch + dinner together as a combo; I think I only had one proper meal that day, and it was a heavy one, so that’s completely excusable), the birthday celebration, the necessary gambling with family members, the looking-at-the-kids-play kinda thing.

I could have posted something last week, definitely, with the ample amount of time, but somehow I just didn’t get about to doing it. Maybe it was some parts laziness to it. Anyway, here are some videos pressed play these couple of weeks:

I won’t say I know a lot about Active Child, the stage name for Pat Grossi, but his music has been getting the indie hype/blogs treatment, and there must be some reason behind it – that being that it is credible to a believable extent. Prior to this video, the mp3 for this song has been surfacing and doing its word-of-mouth round, and if it appears in my library before its video release, there must some musical reason why so. The video looks ordinary almost throughout, but watch out for the beautiful, disastrous ending – maybe revealing a little too much here, but I didn’t know drowning can be this beautiful and natural.

Upcoming and uprising major crash alert! The victim, in mind, is Santigold, who has her fine share and collection of collaborative works thus far (early in her career, I must say), including with Beastie Boys and the great, great, did-I-not-say-great Amadou & Mariam track. Absolutely loving her energy in this song and video. Santigold, go, go, go, go (coincidentally, a collaborative song with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O)!

Nothing special about the video, but the song should be good enough for me to note it down anyway.
Also, my elder sister’s initials (for ease of calling in the family, all children, inclusive of myself, have short-form two-alphabetical callings) is AK. Haha!

My favourite music video of the last 2 weeks goes to:

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