Some Music Videos Last Week: Session 4

Consistency is a muthafucker; black girls rule the world; and the queen of pop – enough said.

A dark corridor with lots of doors; a young, naive boy stumbling and exploring along; eerie-looking painted-faces clowns synchronizing handclaps, amongst other discoveries through doors. Is Nicholas Jaar narrating his own life, or maybe his struggle with music so far (with the obvious dress styling of both the young boy and himself at the end of the video)? I am seeing a scene of greed, and another of the exploration (to the unknown, of the green wilderness). At that, glad to have him making it in music.

Is there anyone not liking Madge’s new single? I don’t think so. It is classic Madonna, and I am glad she is shedding away the sounds of the mainstream dance-pop craze (see: David Guetta) that she could have so easily followed and obtained with her status in the music entertainment business. Produced by Martin Solveig (and one can easily detect his unique sounds in the music), this is Madonna going back on track, and just in time, getting in style with it. Never mind the plastic surgery rumours, she is actually looking pretty damn fine here. Particularly like the scene of her walking against the wall, parallel to the floor (with the support of some backup baseballers), not so much on the Marilyn Monroe-imitated look. And props and curiosity to having/seeing M.I.A. here.

Road trip worthy. Does Singapore have one spot like that? The weather, the greyness and the gloominess fit the theme of the song about a love lost and moved along.

Black girls are definitely ruling. Last week we had Santigold striding her stuff in “Big Mouth”, and this week’s M.I.A.’s turn (though, I don’t think she is really considered black). Totally gangsta, and totally Romain Gavras (director), one of her long-time video collaborator. Bagged with a soulful of attitude and swagger dance moves, M.I.A. seems bursting with life and energy, as though much more than she had ever have before. The scene of the rider and his horse across sand fields is very scenic and shot-perfect, but it’s the coolness of M.I.A. standing/sitting on top of a tilted moving/driving car, without a scare or a care of this world, that truly booms and blows me away, and my minds off to the extend of the head off my neck.

It’s definitely a tie of two best music videos last week between the previous and this next, freaky one from Die Antwoord, but what’s new? Freakiness has always been associated with the band, and they have been pretty goddamn consistent with it too, either their music or art direction. The video will not fail to freak, especially after a song/video about big penises and cocks back in 2010.

Last minute filler:


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