February 11-13th – A Music Weekend

What a music weekend this is.

First, A Family Affair took place at The Pigeonhole, featuring four regional – Singapore and the Philippines – acts, Novak, Obedient Wives Club, Hannah+Gabi & Bee Eyes. It was an intimate set (with the constrained space of the cozy shophouse cafe), and there were some music discovered that night that could be buzzworthy of potential hype in the local/regional music scene.

Then came Sunday morning where the news broke of the passing of Whitney Houston, at age 48. The hit that everyone had associated with her, “I Will Always Love You”, a cover of Dolly Parton’s 1973 hit, floated into people’s minds at the speed of 0.0000000001 metre per second. May she finally find some peace that she may not have found while fighting this daily struggle we all call life.

Sunday afternoon all the way till Monday early morning was well spent at the final leg of the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2012, featuring 14 of today’s indie/contemporary acts all on two stages instead of one, in almost 12 hours, on a tiny dot on the global map.

In just minutes from now (time of post), the 54th annual Grammys Awards will be showing on Star World in Asia, and a tribute to Whitney Houston by Jennifer Hudson (Chaka Khan dropped out on feeling awkward on performing a day after the tragic death) and further confirmation to the year’s/everybody’s obsessions with a British songstress we know better as Adele.

Yes, I took a day of leave for that too, so it’s an extended weekend for me. Suck on it, suckers!


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