Some Music Videos Last Week: Session 5

This week, I entangled myself with one blog on Sunday.
This week, I shall feature a couple of ‘live’ music video performances instead of the usual, formulated, directive videos that I am so used to posting.
This week, I have one too many (two) late nights-out and three days of headouts, considering Sundays are usually my stay-home, mama-san times and days.
Without further a-do, this week’s.


There’s a video surfacing on viral by Bon Iver, that is getting quite the indie hype. But I am not going to post it, nope – not even after his Grammy win for Best New Artist this year, no pressure – just because it’s quite a long timing one and I don’t think I can take watching something of that length for too long, especially on the Web. I am sorry. Bon Iver fans will hate me. I will lose cred.

Instead, this week’s most buzz (within me) is Clock Opera‘s performance of “Once And For All”, which is rather creatively done so. Called “Under The Floorboards”, I like how they boxed up the performance, giving the video a very vintage and timeless feel, touch. Also like how the piano and the keys and the strings were shot here, as though we are presented with an incredibly intimate session with the band and this performance. Lead singer Guy Connelly’s voice sounds good and clear as though he had just decided to pop out of the record and the stereo to serenade us, the fellow music listeners. It is so good that I am watching it detailed to the point that I am observing the hairs on their hands. Sexy, intellectually.

I will be honest that I don’t really like their cover of The xx’s “VCR”, but this song sounds so romantically painful, as though from their own records of experiences of bad love and troubles, that I almost buy into it. That said, I still do want love, some or most of it, but with actually finding it, that’s a whole different case scenario and story altogether. But musically, I am in love, and below is one good reason and example why so.

Little Boots is a cute, underrated pop-dance music songstress. She is cute, really cute, and quite the pixie type. Having just said that [the pixie type], I half imagined her to appear as one in Moulin Rouge, like how Aussie sweetie Kylie Minogue had done. When you put that [cute + underrated + pixie + pop-dance] with a seemingly lumber-jacket or a shirt with checkered designs that looks just like one, you get sweetness – sugar candy coated and all – overload. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m on a diet.



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