Some Music Video Last Week: Session #6

In between being here, there, and everywhere. But I’m still here.


What have I been busy with, one may ask? Not much, really. I had given some of my post-work free time to W!ld Rice’s front of house duties and assignments, and the rest of the time to gym and being very bored. And of course, there are saving days, in which I am planning to head off for a vacation really soon.

And Sunday’s usually, always music time – when I drive myself sometimes to the point of random insanity just listening to the music available out there, because there are so many to go about discovering, that it may be till the end of time that one can finally stop wandering (and the body clock ticks its final stroke, too).

Not emo one bit, bear in mind. Here are this week’s besties!


Best. Party. Ever. If Nite Jewel doesn’t ring a bell, make it ring in one’s mind now. She is Ramona Gonzalez, and “One Second Of Love” is her second album offering to be released in a couple of days’ time (expect delays in different regions, different zones, of course). I have managed to hear a few of the new song offerings, and I must say that they pretty much catch my bizarre fancy.

This video for the title song also compliments and completes the freakiness – a dinner house party, with some swanky girls, goes weirder and weirder by the second – with them puking out different things each, and another black lady dirty dancing (not that unusual); and a group of strange, voodoo or religiously weird trio dancing most of the video away (Nite Jewel, amongst one of them trio), as well as a mystery person with a gigantic goat skull mask.

Did I not mention before that it’s a weird music world that is so bizarrely brilliant?

Directed in the beautiful Caribbean, on a schooner named “Opal”. Quadron first caught my attention with a Michael Jackson cover. This is more of a song post than a video post, but with it being shot at a beautiful destination like this, won’t one be tempted to be going on a beach-side holiday sometime soon to get away from it all, the hustle and bustle of the cities? I know I would.

St. Lucia‘s “All Eyes On You” appeared on my 2011’s year-end list of most played songs (here), and here he is appearing again. This video has no particular meaning, and is not a must-watch kinda video, with its CGI visionaries of those mysterious hands, and then there’s the mysterious long hair as well. But I think I like the last scene, where the girl is dancing in the evening darkness, as the sun sets and the night is slowly creeping in, without any recognition and acknowledgement, and just letting it flow.

I think the major difference sometimes that sets us normal folks apart from artistes is that at the instant first glance at the latter, it is easily identified and classified as so. SSION is clearly one example – distinctive features, quirky styles, ultra chic moves and grooves. Here he wonders about a house filled with rooms of much different settings, of uncaring folks with extreme self-consciousness and self-absorption. Also, love the ending of the song and the video – super cool.

I heard and have this song for a year now, with it playing on my mobile playlist for quite a long duration for a relatively unknown artiste. That was then, and this is now – a year on, an official video is released, and I can put a storyline to the song (a good one at that, kinda like a 007-styled franchise movie script) and a face to how Wise Blood really looks like. He looks pretty dashing, like a slimmer version of Plan B, now that I am making up my mind to think so to be. It is also NSFW, due to a naked dead woman’s body in his bed (scripted, of course).

Video of the week: 

I think this is creepy enough, even though it can also be seen as nothing much to it. It reminds me of “Dark Water”, a 2002 Japanese horror flick that was later remade into a 2005 American version (which also means the remake sucks big time), particularly because of the creepy girl with a white mask (don’t masks scare people all the time?) and in school uniform (double blow combination). The other parts of the story do not fail to get weirder and creepier as the story unfolds. And it reminds us of not to be too happy with a purchase of a second-hand apartment, more so in times like these, and even if one may be earning the salary of SGD $1,000 per month. Show this to the motherfucking MPs.


Also do watch Chairlift‘s choose-the-storyline “Met Before” video, as well as the nature-invasive “Disparate Youth” by Santigold. To wrap things up, is the ever (not again?) weird and creepy iamamiwhoami, or Jonna Lee as one may know her by.

Part one is “sever”, and is here; and part two, “drops“, seeing her literally dropping through floor levels, tiles and ceilings in the video, is below:


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