This Week’s Crush: Sondre Lerche

I think with our generation, (and in no way am I exclusive,) we all are guilty of getting into things with a short attention span. But I don’t think we are all at fault – we are all not to be fully blamed. Look around: the world we are living in, the society we are stepping into, the people we are getting ourselves surrounded with, the media we are absorbed with, the world that is to be seen, the hunger to capture all within one’s lifetime. I think I hit the nail on the head on the last one, and how we all are making the best we can do with each and our own’s lives – how no one is really selfish because everyone, individually, really is.

Wow. That is so philosophical, maybe a little too much for a Saturday morning, the kickstart of another weekend. And definitely so for a topic about this week’s major crush!

And I think it is only fundamental I began on this “love affair” account by stating how it all begun. It is all with a simple click of a mouse button. Okay, it was definitely more than one.

Some weeks/a month ago, I added the charming, charismatic, swagger track of a number titled “Private Caller”, off his 2011 self-titled release, which is also his latest under his belt, into my move-about, on-the-go playlist. So it had passed through some rounds of quality checks – the first: pre-downloading, the second: library rotation, the third: TBA (to-be-added), before making it. Yes, I have tough elimination and judgement skills like Simon Cowell, just that it is not really known to the world, not until this very point. I am revealing a secret here like I am revealing my vagina (just that I don’t have one).

And so with more plays, the love grows and blossoms, like a flower, like a tree.

Then, one night this week, I went to watch the official music video for the track, and I was spellbound; like a girl in love for the very first time. When it comes to first impressions, let’s be honest – looks and vanity do matter, and besides the recent chats and displays of affection (read: showing people the video like he is my boyfriend), the mentions that he does look a splitting image of that-“500 Days Of Summer”-guy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, we never bother with white people’s names anymore), just the less handsome version (I argued that he is sexy in his geeky, non-geeky way), I absolutely adore the way he swayed, like he knew and didn’t know what he was doing at the same time, like striding on the path of confidence and yet shying away from the spotlight. And kudos to the director for knowing where the best shot of Sondre was, and seemingly sticking to that certain angle throughout the video (though he is dashing in an overall way). He is, also, a talented musician, playing and learning since the age of 8, penning his first song at the age of 14 (“Locust Girl”), and releasing his first album (“Faces Down”) at the age of 20, in the year of 2000.

Yes, say thanks to Wikipedia for the above, and for virtual stalking, with a laptop, a work desk and work to do on Thursday-Friday workdays. And let me break the sad news, he is married.

Piang! (glass breaking)

Sondre’s influences: The Beatles, A-ha, The Beach Boys, Prefab Sprout.

And more videos:

The last one so hippie sia. And can see his nipples.


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