Music Just Pre- & Post- Vietnam

Wanted to post something prior to the tripping, but things got carried away, as always. It’s not that I want to, but sometimes it just happens.

The trip was good – it was a good first experience travelling to another foreign country on an independent basis – and seeing quite a number of people doing the same thing (cute ones, too). Being alone also forced myself to like my own company, be more sociable, in terms of opening up to like-minded visitors, and see the world from my own perspective, without compromising for the comforts of others.

Of course, I shared music nuggets along the way. I talked to a freelance The Economist writer and let her hear Fleet Foxes’ “Grown Oceans”; a French family (absolutely adorable family of 3, with a very pretty French girl of 22, I’m intrigued) recommended some bands that they like and listened to while growing up; a German couple citing in Switzerland shared a list of songs I could listen to; “James Taylor” was mentioned a couple of times within the short span of 6-days, 5-nights.

Will check them out.

Here are some of my weeks of absence, fascinations:

Koop // Ane Brun // Yukimi Nagano:
Amazing what one song heard on Lush leads into. Koop is an electro-lounge band from Sweden, with quite minimal releases through their active years so far from 1995, with only 3 official studio releases under their belt, and a greatest hits compilation. Koop’s sound is just perfect and right for me – lounge, groove and electronic. It is no wonder every song that was hit played turns out to be a win-win situation for me. Ane Brun appears on “Koop Island Blues“, a story about young love loss, and I was aware of her since watching the video for “Do You Remember”. A unique vocalist scarred with the beauty of age, her voice hangs loosely around the genres of adult contemporary and some parts folk, if I am to classify correctly. Yukimi, meanwhile, appears on several tracks off the 2006 release, “Koop Islands”, and I had known then, I would have paid more special attention to her and her contribution to music, especially more so with her band Little Dragon.

(coincidentally, they re-applied this melody happier into the remix for Zero 7’s “In The Waiting Line”.)

Pizzicato Five

Badly Drawn Boy


Massive artiste/archive downloads aside, this new release from Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is so hippy, even though they are big hipsters themselves already, and as though that is not enough, wait till the contagious handclap sounds step in:

I like the synth-pop, violin-based melodies involved in this. And considering Bigott is a new band featured in SXSW this year, this can be considered a favourable debut. Their lyrical discussions involve around sex, death, booze, pretty flowers, and even prettier girls, with the obsessions, narcissism, and neuroses that accompany them.


Anything with kids is adorable – they are our future. Though I must say the “beating heart” at the start looks a little unfriendly for vegetarian reasons, and put me in the right direction for the possible future.

I almost bought this song. A young talent at only the tender age of 17, for this debut single, he already plays all the instruments on this recording. What else can he not do already, and will he juggle for the next single?

Must be 18+ to see the following, cause it is insanely sexual, and very random indeed – perfect for the music viewing pleasure. If God is sex, this video must be a replica of heaven.

There is a trend going around now that Hip-Hop and R&B are very indie-cool and hyped up now. And with the smarter output the music world is hearing about now, it just further signifies the essence of actually applying intelligence into an artiste’s musical output.

I am still fishing and waiting for HMV to import in this CD by Destroyer. Saxophone is the new sex.

Simply beautiful; would’ve bought the CD if the HMV guy didn’t chase me on their closing time. I also recently learnt that the lead singer is in the duo for Broken Bells. Slow, but still learning.


More Coachella:


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