I may be smiling, but it doesn’t mean I’m happy. I may appear relaxed, but it doesn’t mean I’m not fighting. I may seem nice, but think twice. The wrongs a person done seems more magnified if it is not expected of him; yet, he craves to be found, understood. I write about music, but … Continue reading

A Struggle For A Year End’s List: I Win Some, I Lose Some

Victories and failures, ups and downs, penises and┬ávaginae. Life is definitely not a bed of roses, but sometimes one gets chocolate out of it and stuffs oneself fat with it. I just bought Hershey’s to play several rounds of arcade basketball and it felt as good as peeing in one’s pants. * Friends I am … Continue reading


I assume, I always do. The mind is a wondrous place, isn’t it? – I am not sure if that’s in a good or a bad way. I assume I’ll be alright, I assume everything will be alright, I assume things are better off as the way they are, I always assume. I assume you … Continue reading

Lykke Li, Live in Singapore, 21st September 2011

So news of Lykke Li coming to Singapore sometime in September came alive yesterday afternoon, when I saw a tweet posted about it by a local/regional international pop blog (funny the classification of “local/regional international”, as I believe the blogsite is very concentrated in the international pop scene, and┬ánot much so for the local/regional scene). … Continue reading

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse (Text)

Yes, I do know that it may come across as all hyped up and pretentious and very in-the-moment with the current buzz around it, but I am really, really, really sad about the music world’s loss of Amy Winehouse in it. Shameless as it sounds, I always feel as though I had discovered Amy Winehouse … Continue reading