Music Just Pre- & Post- Vietnam

Wanted to post something prior to the tripping, but things got carried away, as always. It’s not that I want to, but sometimes it just happens. The trip was good – it was a good first experience travelling to another foreign country on an independent basis – and seeing quite a number of people doing … Continue reading

Some Music Video Last Week: Session #6

In between being here, there, and everywhere. But I’m still here. * What have I been busy with, one may ask? Not much, really. I had given some of my post-work free time to W!ld Rice’s front of house duties and assignments, and the rest of the time to gym and being very bored. And … Continue reading

Some Music Videos Last Week: Session 5

This week, I entangled myself with one blog on Sunday. This week, I shall feature a couple of ‘live’ music video performances instead of the usual, formulated, directive videos that I am so used to posting. This week, I have one too many (two) late nights-out and three days of headouts, considering Sundays are usually … Continue reading

Some Music Videos Last Week: Session 4

Consistency is a muthafucker; black girls rule the world; and the queen of pop – enough said. A dark corridor with lots of doors; a young, naive boy stumbling and exploring along; eerie-looking painted-faces clowns synchronizing handclaps, amongst other discoveries through doors. Is Nicholas Jaar narrating his own life, or maybe his struggle with music so far … Continue reading

Some Music Videos Last 2 Weeks: Session 3

It was the Chinese New Year weekend last week, extending itself lazily into the start of this week as well, doing a little spillover effect. I practically spent most of the time in front of this laptop, downloading music away. Of course there were the one minor visiting, the whole family gathering over reunion dinner, … Continue reading